Our code of ethics

As a recognised member of the Association of Management Consultants in Hungary (VTMSZ), McMillan & Baneth Ltd. considers it essential to commit to observe the Code of Ethics of VTMSZ voluntarily. Our most important ethical rules are the following:

  • The consultant always puts the interests of their customer first.
  • The consultant only accepts tasks that they are qualified for.
  • In the activities of our company we require our staff to display the following qualities: commitment to our company, professionalism and skills, consistent high quality, integrity and fairness.
  • Consultants remain independent, they will not accept involvement in cases when their objectivity could be compromised or perceived to be compromised by anything (e.g. unacceptable personal relations with staff or managers of the client company involved in contract conclusion, or accepting simultaneous orders for competing enterprises, etc.).
  • The consultant treats all information disclosed to them during their consulting work as strictly confidential and prevents the disclosure of such information to any third party without the permission consent from the client.
  • We expect our contracted staff to represent the interests of McMillan & Baneth Ltd. in the given assignment in the same way as they would the interests of their own company in a similar case.
  • The preparatory stage of our work may only be started with the approval of the managing director. Without such approval, we will not charge any fees, including our time spent working. Above the contractual fee of HUF 200,000 we only perform assignments in a contractual form.
  • We will reject the assignment if anything could compromise or could be perceived to compromise the objective completion of our work, with special regard to collusions of persons, friends and relatives, the appearance or perceived appearance of nepotism, sham orders or the suspicion thereof. If such presumptions are raised, the opinion of the managing director will govern.

The above principles are contained in the articles of association of our company. Our company will only work with staff that accepts the contents of the Code of Ethics as binding on themselves in their work. If any of our staff or subcontractor violates the rules of the Code of Ethics, after a warning we take them off the assignment.



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