Management Development Courses

Courses for the enhancement of management competencies

Themes of our Management Development Courses

  • The role of the leader

Leadership competencies, the role of the manager and the leader, tools, techniques

  • The manager in a dual role

Preparation of managers newly promoted from production for their modified roles

  • Communication

Management communication, the communication situation, the practical toolset of communication

  • Group functioning

Group and team, group roles, management of groups, conflicts in the group

  • Conflict management

The nature, types, management, conflict resolution

  • Courses in the workplace

Organizational competency survey, development and implementation of the process of management development

  • Survey, appraisal of personal competences

Personalised competency appraisal, development proposal, training courses

  • DISC, FACET-5 questionnaires, surveys, analyses

Personal online competency appraisal questionnaires and their assessment with our accredited experts

Our training references

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