A main basic dilemma of both leadership work and reserve training is that the competencies be in alignment with the particular position. If the competency demand of the job is higher than what the person possesses, the quality of the work will be in danger. If it's lower, the person will be dissatisfied over time and will consider quitting sooner or later.

Facet5: Why is it justified, what is new in Facet5?

How and what kind of competencies should be assessed in order to fulfil the conditions listed above? The competence base at the workplace is easier because it's been available for a couple of years. Individual competency rating and measuring are more difficult. Our organisation has been looking for the appropriate method of measurement for over 10 years. This is a huge responsibility, as an erroneous assessment can have a negative impact on a person's entire career.

Now we have found the appropriate method. The tried and often justified Facet5 as a psychometric tool that helps to understand people's personal structure and sheds light on the individual differences of leadership competencies. Facet5 began in the USA and is the result of a 20-year long research that was adopted and validated to the Hungarian conditions by the psychologists of Psidium Kft. Facet5 was created on the basis of leadership development and psychological researches. It is easy to understand as unlike in other personality tests, Facet5 doesn‘t use a professional jargon and it is easy to use.

What’s in it for the participant and the company?

The participant will receive a secret code for the questionnaire. The given answers are analysed on-line in the USA, but their evaluation occurs in Hungary and can be performed exclusively by certified, accredited trainers. Our company owns all these rights. Our almost 12-page report presents an overview of the person's positive attributes, of their interaction, and we propose a type of job optimal to him/her.

The organisation also benefits from the evaluation of the competencies. In case of the participant's contribution, the analysis will be sent to the HR management who will be informed about the optimal, supporting leadership style which can enthuse the participant resulting in an enhanced performance on the job. They will be informed in which work area the participant should not be employed, and in which work area he/she can work with maximum effectiveness.

We use FACET5 individual competence measuring and rating system in our human resource counselling processes and premium instructions in a method agreed by the customer. The method is very suitable for the Situational Leadership®, the Nordic-type leadership development, and is an integral part of the leader reserve programmes as well.

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