Courses for Suppliers and Project Management

Management development for suppliers of automotive, multinational companies

Themes of our Courses for Suppliers and Project Management

  • Export communication

How to communicate for successful exports?

  • Becoming a supplier

“Becoming a supplier is all in the head"

  • Attitude changing

What attitude change is necessary in order to become a supplier?

  • Finances – for non-financial professionals

Business mindset for managers working in production, manufacturing

  • Change management courses

The human side of change management

  • Change management

Tools and techniques of change management

  • Group functioning

Group features, group roles, how to lead groups

  • Team functioning

Group and team, team roles, the role of the team leader

  • Project management

The role of the project manager, managerial tools and techniques

  • Communication

Communication of phases of projects, internal and external communication

  • Solutions for crisis situations

Handling conflicts in project management, resolutions

Our training references

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